Women Act Aperitifs #4

Women Act Aperitifs #4

Women Act Aperitifs #4 150 150 Evripides Art Gallery

Hosted by Women Act
Wednesday, June 13 at 8 PM – 10 PM

Women Act was created in 2017 and it represents the incarnation of a group of women’s lifelong hope and aspiration for a truly equal society. Women Act is an organisation based on bonds of friendship linking different women who share common experiences and who are inspired by common values, committed to empower women to fully embrace their political, social, cultural and economic potential by actively participating in the public sphere.

During Women Act Aperitifs #4 at the Evripides Art Gallery, visual artist and Women Act Ambassador Stella Kapezanou, will speak on Gender Equality in the Arts and give us a guided tour at her first solo exhibition in Greece.

Book a seat at: info@women-act.org

Entrance is free.

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